Styles change, baby, and as Sonny and Cher said, the beat goes on.


  A family heirloom is a beautiful thing, symbolizing the new branch of an eternal family tree that your impending nuptials will forge.  But styles change, baby, and as Sonny and Cher said, the beat goes on.  Grandma was a fashionable gal in her day, and you know she would want the bride and groom to be happy.  So why not get her diamond ring made into something beautiful?  Its easy to make an appointment with me at my studio in Denver, Colorado, and we can work together on a new engagement ring setting that will preserve the family tradition and look absolutely drop dead gorgeous and modern in all those close-up finger shots photographers and nail technicians love to push on engaged couples and brides and grooms. 

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“It’s been in the family for generations,” he says from bended knee, as he is shaking and nervously opens the velvet-lined ring box to expose the glittering heirloom within.  He just exposed his heart with this tender proposal.  She looks inside, eyes shimmering with tears of love and anticipation – only to see a ring in a setting as dated as Grandma’s foil-wallpapered kitchen ceiling.


          And for the unfortunate souls whose ancestors did not bequeath them beautiful wedding jewels in worn down settings, I can whip up a totally fresh custom ring designed unique piece from scratch.  It’s your marriage, kids – you set the rules, I set the stones. 

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