Better Together: The New Case Studies Day 7

Final day of the 7 day challenge. Highlighting my recent series called ‘Better Together’, which are case studies of people coming together.
Alright, I have known Ken for a while and he came to me asking if I could make him some rings. I did some drawings and little did I know how fun these were going to be. This is a cluster ring of their own gemstones and family gold I melted and forged into shape. The wedding band for Brea can go on either side and fits snugly.
Enough about the rings, I have truly enjoyed watching this family grow, from their hilarious snip-its of parenthood to their new stories of a SURPRISE EXTRA BABY WE ARE HAVING TWINS!
Brea Dahlia is taking this ride like a strong bad ass woman, even though I’m sure everything hurts:) cheers to you and Ken!
Custom and handmade in Denver, Colorado!

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