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About My Jewelry


The landscapes of the world inspire a vast array of design concepts for my wearable sculptural jewelry. Foliage, rock formations, and the boundary between earth and sky provide the building blocks for the three-dimensional forms created in the technique called anticlastic raising.

 Diverse shapes, from flowers to smoke tendrils, hyperbolic parabolas to the double helix and DNA strands are brought to life through anticlastic raising, a process of hammering sheets of metal on an antler-like form. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of hammer blows are required to achieve the desired shape.

 Once that shape is realized, I incorporate other elements, such as stones that add vibrant colors, original shapes and depth to the artwork. Some of my favorite stones are genuine American turquoise, aquamarine, rutilated quartz, ruby and sapphire, hand polished using a lapidary machine. 

 I create custom pieces for clients who wish to re-craft family jewelry. The new conception reflects their personality yet still retains the sentimental value and character of a treasured heirloom jewelry piece.

Anticlastically raising metal to casting, stone setting, or lapidary, are all design techniques that ignite my imagination and bring my concepts to life.