From Old and Broken To New and Cute

The old wedding band

Have you ever inherited a piece of jewelry steeped in family history? I recently had the privilege of working with such a treasure: a great-grandmother's wedding band. The ring was broken and clearly well worn. So, together, we embarked on a journey to transform this single band into a set of three unique rings, each carrying a special piece of the family legacy.

I melted the old ring into a new ingot

The process began with carefully melting down the gold from the original wedding band. This wasn't about erasing the past, but rather honoring it by creating something new. The molten gold, imbued with history, was then divided and shaped into three individual bands. Each ring was crafted with a delicate touch, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit for its future wearer. The next step was selecting the perfect birthstones.

Made 4 rings

Each granddaughter has a unique personality, so choosing birthstones that reflected their individual essence was paramount. Sparkling garnets embodied strength and wisdom, while dazzling blue topaz symbolized growth and vibrancy.

Set all the birthstones in the center

To complete the picture, each birthstone was meticulously set into its respective ring, adding a touch of brilliance and personalization. In the end, what began as a single wedding band was reborn as a collection of three exquisite rings. Each piece whispered stories of the past, yet gleamed with the promise of the future. It was a powerful reminder of the enduring power of family heirlooms, and the ways in which they can be reimagined to connect generations. This project wasn't just about creating beautiful jewelry; it was about creating a tangible link between past, present, and future. It was about taking a cherished family memento and transforming it into a symbol of love, unity, and the enduring strength of the family bond.