You're in Good Hands

When you entrust me with your vision, you will witness the creation of an unparalleled work of art, transcending conventional styles and designs. My commitment to exceeding expectations knows no bounds. I dedicate countless hours to meticulous research and imaginative exploration, relentlessly striving to craft engagement rings that are unequivocally perfect for each customer. I invest time in actively listening, understanding your preferences, and incorporating your desires into the final masterpiece.

Together, we embark on a journey to discover the places that hold significance to you as a couple. Are there cherished family heirlooms you wish to honor by incorporating them into the design? What art and fashion styles ignite your passion? If architecture resonates with you, let us weave its essence into the ring. And if there's a cherished saying close to your hearts, let us etch it into eternity.

The realm of design opens up endless possibilities, capturing the essence of your unique bond. I sketch and present a design, carefully attending to your feedback and making subtle adjustments, ensuring that the engagement ring embodies perfection. Witnessing the joy and astonishment on your faces brings me immense satisfaction. And when the moment arrives, I am determined to orchestrate an engagement that will leave you and your loved one breathless, etching an unforgettable memory in your hearts.

Your Options

Lush Package

Select from some engagement designs, mix and match settings with shanks and choose your stones. Mix and match is generally significantly under retail price of other jewelers.

Lavish Custom Package

Signature package, you have an engagement ring design in mind and want to be a part of it. You may have some special family heirloom gems and jewelry you would like to incorporate into into the design. We will go through all these ideas and designs you like, I will then hand draw three designs.  We can keep one design totally as a whole or take elements you like and add or subtract to create the perfect ring. You will then get a 3-D computer drawing so you know exactly what your ring looks like. The ring is then either hand fabricated or cast and completed.

Luxe Custom Package

All of the steps in the Lavish Package and some other fine details. You own the design. This ring is above and beyond, it is highly designed with the best possible quality of diamonds gemstones and materials.
Do you have the idea for a perfect proposal? One with a photographer, a surprise gourmet picnic set up for the two of you in the middle of your favorite hike? I will figure out all the details for the most perfect proposal of her dreams. You will have a collection of framed photographs from the drawn designs to the engagement. This also includes an appraisal report, and the ring is insured the moment you get this ring, so you don't have to fret about where and when you will get it insured.