My Favorite Era of Art History

My Favorite Era of Art History

My love for art history and what an essential role this has in what I create-

 Throughout college we were required to take art history as required curriculum, I soon found out it would be one of my passions.  My favorite were, of course, the antique jewelry pieces and coming in a close second was the Art Nouveau era.  I have saved every penny to be able to travel and see some of these pieces in art museums, like a teenager going to see her most favorite band.  

 It is incredible that the first civilizations used jewelry in different ways from, currency beads(below) that can be strung on a belt, to adornment, signifying one's rank in society or religious items as offerings to gods, all are unique to each region and culture where they are from.

“Many of the techniques that I prefer to use when it comes to jewelry design are not that different from 3,000-2,000 years ago.“

Many of the techniques I prefer to use creating jewelry were not that different 3,000-2,000 years ago, stone cutting using hard stones(diamonds) as the cutting mechanism, creating alloys by heating up metals to molten temperature and combining them to create the perfect metals, raising or forging the metal to create fascinating pieces one can examine endlessly. They were using natural gemstones with bright colors like lapis and ruby to add vibrant color.  These time intensive techniques need to be done meticulously and delicately to create pieces that will create heirlooms for not just our generation but generations to come.  These ancient techniques are the essence of what I get lost in creating. SO please join me in my expedition to come!