The Big Vision: Everyone Should Read

The Big Vision: Everyone Should Read

If anything, the last year has shown me to devote my time to nature, history and an overarching theme to simplify (which is hard for a tool enthusiast!).  My technical skills have painstakingly been refined for the past 13 years, with some great choices and some hard expensive lessons.  I now have a precise vision of what I want to create, and share with you.  

 I have taken a deep dive into art history, it has an essential role in what I create. My favorites from my art history classes were, of course, the antique jewelry pieces and coming in a close second was the Art Nouveau era.  I have saved every penny to be able to travel and see some of these pieces in art museums, all over the world. And man oh woman have I got stories from my travels!  Stories that will hopefully educate, inspire, maybe make you laugh.


I want my jewelry to be worn as a coveted piece of art, minimizing our needs for excess and in turn having few but highly intriguing pieces of art. I want to show you the laborious process I go through from researching, designing and finally creating. I want to celebrate womankind and represent the “modern jewelry vogue” a term I have recently come across that I adore! I believe now is our time to design and be a bearer of beautiful things.

I hope you’ll join me as I explore old techniques, new innovations and beautiful intricacies that bring up the wow factor. In my next reflection, I’ll share a little history.

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The wedding day

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